Wyoming Family Home Ownership Program
"Grace is the presence and action of Christ in everyday life"- Thomas Keating


Steffanie Nolen, Executive Director

Steffanie comes to us with a strong sense of devotion and passion for the non-profit sector. Her experience and education have brought her to love serving, educating, and empowering the low-income population. As the Executive Director, she values the opportunities of helping low-income families reach self-sufficiency and find a place in the middle class. Prior to her role at Wyoming Family Home Ownership, she has held positions with Denver Rescue Mission, Catholic Charities, Jewish Family Service, Love INC., Project 1.27, and Circles Wyoming.

Steffanie graduated with a Bachelor in Social Work focusing on both Social Work and Psychology in 2009. Upon graduation, she relocated from a small town in southern Michigan to Denver, Colorado to experience the non-profit sector. She also holds a Master of Social Work with a focus in Macro Social Work from Metropolitan State University in Denver.

Stephanie Ewers, Intern

My background in Health Education has taken me down many roads from teaching eye care to reproductive health. I have found that I most enjoy working with people in the process of life transitions. As someone that has led a nomadic lifestyle, I have learned to embrace change and find the good in most situations. Wyoming is the 10th state of my relocation career. I recently (August 2012) married into the military so that aspect of my life will continue to thrive. I have enjoyed every place that I have lived and find that each place has its beauty. My husband, Bob, is who I was looking for my whole life and had almost given up, assuming he didn't exist. Thankfully, he does exist and is even more amazing than I had imagined. We have one daughter, Lauren. She is in her 'tween years and everything a girl her age should be...sweet, creative and silly. Our family also includes a black lab mix and sometimes goldfish (thankfully we are much better at raising children and dogs than we are at maintaining goldfish, but that is another story!)

J. Terry Williams, Founder

J. Terry WilliamsIn September 2007, after almost 40 years of public service in the Wyoming State Health and Family Service Agencies, Terry hung up his spurs. Together with other concerned citizens, he completed a thirty-week study of social justice called JustFaith.  Through weekly small-group classes, 14 books, two retreats and four experiences with the homeless in Denver, CO and Cheyenne, WY, he realized that the Wyoming state assistance system he once administered was broken. Yes, the system responds to the immediate emergency needs for one in every five Wyoming residents, but it is designed around government budgets and not around resolving the root causes of poverty and uplifting families to self-sufficiency and independence.  It was time to do something different---something more. As a JustFaith social justice response, Terry developed a team to address housing; the highest priority need in every Wyoming community for lower income, working families with children.

As of the spring of 2008, WYFHOP is one year into an exciting and inspiring adventure that has already begun to reverberate deep into the community. Hundreds of people in the Cheyenne community, including mentor families, churches, and businesses, have banned together on behalf of permanent housing for nine families who have 25 children combined. This project is about demonstrating the power of local people to take action and build community. It is also a chance to change reality for the generation of children who deserve to grow up in a safe and stable environment, and whose futures hinge upon the financial stability enabled by home ownership.

Terry earned his Bachelor's degree in Nutrition from Xavier University in Cincinnati. He holds a Masters degree in Public Health from the University of California at Berkeley. Terry has been married to Mary Ellen for more than forty years. They have two children, Mark and Laura, and four grandchildren.

WYFHOP Structure

WYFHOP is incorporated as a Public Non-Profit as of 2007 with the Wyoming Secretary of State. WYFHOP's structure consists of the volunteer Program Manager, Advisory Board, and numerous volunteers. Advisory Board members meet on a monthly basis. All faith community and business partner contributions are invested with the Wyoming Housing Network, our Trusted Fiscal Agent and 501(c)-3. Project education and administrative expenses are managed through grants and donations specified for this purpose. All contributions are tax deductible.


Steffanie Nolen